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Forbidden: A Love To Die For


by: Myiesha Mason

 : Forbidden: A Love To Die For

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Label: Major Key Publishing
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Major Key Publishing
Number Of Pages: 194
Publication Date: July 06, 2018
Publisher: Major Key Publishing
Release Date: July 06, 2018
Studio: Major Key Publishing

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
One plus one equals two. You plus me equals we. Carter plus Masters equals betrayal, deceit and even death.

Brothers, best friends, and business partners, Xavier Carter and Romeo Masters, are tighter than Lil Kim’s newest face. As the owners of DYMND records, they are two of the wealthiest men in the music industry. Money has never been a problem. That’s until X is betrayed by his wife, Juliet, and best friend, Romeo, in a way that can’t be forgiven.

Scorned by the betrayal, X pulls the plug on DYMND records and opens up his own record label, G.O.A.T, leaving Romeo and his family in financial ruins, which soon causes a rift between the two families.
Luvleigh Carter is the baby of the Carter family. She’s spoiled, overprotected, with a smart-ass mouth and a rebellious attitude. The only person she respects enough to listen to is her Daddy. But after witnessing her father being gunned down in a gas station robbery, her life is turned upside down. As the only living witness, she’s unable to identify the gunman responsible and her father’s murder goes unsolved.

After the death of Xavier, the beautiful, seductive, and business savvy Juliet takes over all of Xavier’s assets, including his money, as well as his record label. She runs things the way she wants as the Queen. Although she portrays herself as a classy business woman, Juliet has a few secrets of her own that can shatter her family into pieces if revealed.

Romeo Jr., better known as RJ, is the oldest of the Masters’ kids. He’s a star athlete, smart, funny, and one of the biggest hoes walking their high school hallways. At seventeen, whatever he wants, he knows how to finesse it, including the virginity of Luvleigh Carter.
Although raised as cousins, the physical and sexual attraction these two feel for one another is always present. After his father is injured, he’s unable to provide for his family. Everything was left on the shoulders of the teenage RJ. This burden fueled a fire and a hatred for the Carters, in the heart of the person who everyone will come to know as ‘Dagger’.

Now at twenty-four years old, reluctantly, Luvleigh is back home after spending the last six years earning her MBA at Howard University. Since being gone, the feud between the two families has only gotten worse. So much so, that saying the name ‘Masters’ was like saying ‘fuck you’ inside of the Carter household.

One night, the now grown and sexy Luvleigh Carter catches the eye of the now sexy, and coldhearted Dagger. Dagger is unable to shake this girl from his thoughts, but he knows that loving her is forbidden.
Trying her hardest to convince herself that she feels nothing for Dagger, has come to be the hardest thing Luvleigh has ever tried to do. After numerous encounters with Dagger, Luvleigh realizes that this family feud will not stop her heart from crying out for what it yearns for, and that’s a Masters.

After forbidding her daughter from ever seeing Dagger again, Juliet has discovered that the two may be married. Feeling betrayed and deceived, Juliet sets out her own plan for revenge. Anyone who deceives her, will pay the price. Even if it’s her own daughter.

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