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Zoe & Kandi: We Got That Hood Love


by: Bijou Valentina

 : Zoe & Kandi: We Got That Hood Love

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Label: Unique Pen Publications
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Unique Pen Publications
Number Of Pages: 151
Publication Date: July 05, 2018
Publisher: Unique Pen Publications
Release Date: July 05, 2018
Studio: Unique Pen Publications

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
How much can a girl take when she has a man that can’t keep his “Johnson” to himself when they aren’t together?
Born and raised with wealthy parents who invested in their life long careers, Kandi Roberson felt she never had the unity that other families possessed. As a teenager, she became engrossed in hip-hop videos that viewed life in the hood as a unit even though that life came with major struggles. She soon explored the hood life as she crept off on the weekends to the nearest hood areas to have fun and party. She eventually meets the sexy dark-chocolate hustler named Zoe. As time goes on, Kandi became blinded by her version of love as she dealt with the many dramas that came along with being with a man like Zoe.
As time passed, she found herself living a life she only heard about; a stay-at-home mother to Zoe’s kids from three different baby mamas, dealing with his lying of dealings in the streets, and his disappearing acts on the weekends.
After six long years of being with the only man she ever been in a relationship with and gave herself to, Kandi starts to gradually have second thoughts. With the help of her childhood best friend Sazha, Kandi begins to realize how much of her life has been put on hold. One night while out with her friends, she meets a distinguished boss named Vaughn. Vaughn shows Kandi a different side of men. He treats her with love, patience, respect, and most of all he’s a great listener.
Enter the world of Zoe and Kandi and find out if their hood love will stand the test of time. Will Kandi continue to let her heart lead her and continue her relationship with Zoe? Or will she listen to logic and do what she has to do for her own sanity?

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