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Craving the Power Of His Love


by: Kendra Sumter

 : Craving the Power Of His Love

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Label: Talehia Presents LLC
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Talehia Presents LLC
Number Of Pages: 307
Publication Date: July 04, 2018
Publisher: Talehia Presents LLC
Release Date: July 04, 2018
Studio: Talehia Presents LLC

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
***This is a standalone***
Crave to long for to greatly want and to eagerly desire.
Power the possession of control of command over one’s mind.
Monte’ King didn’t have the ideal childhood. There has been only one thing he has ever wanted. He was thrust into a family unit, which made him content and happy. But there’s still something he craves. He’s willing to use all of his power, charm, and wit, to achieve it. There’s always obstacles that try to block one’s path to greatness. There’s an obstacle that is a threat to his well-being. Will it be his downfall, or will he overcome it, and get what he actually craves?
Bronxx Johnston is easygoing, with a quiet strength. She has been in a relationship but has realized it’s not where she belongs. She breaks free by cutting ties and striving for better. In her quest to get a love she craves, she finds out what she really meant to her ex. Does she fall victim to deception, or does a new love give her everything she has ever craved?
Jersey Johnston is spunky, smart mouthed, and has an attitude that makes weak men tuck tail and run. She wants to be attached, but only to a man who has the power to cause her to crave his love. She encounters said man and he checks off all of the boxes on her list. She learns something about him that she can either accept, amend her check list, or let him, and the love she craves, go. What’s a girl to do?
Jaric Timmons has been burned before in the love department, but it hasn’t stopped him from craving true love. While working, he comes face to face with the woman he believes can give him just want he wants. There’s something that may be a deal breaker. Will it be, or will it be the one thing that finally gives him what he craves?
Everyone always wants something, it’s the way of life. But when you crave it, there’s only that one thing that will satisfy you. Read to find out what happens when one craves the power of one’s love. Is it all worth it?

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