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Fallin For A Philly Boss: A Novella


by: Dani Littlepage

 : Fallin For A Philly Boss: A Novella

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Label: Cole Hart Presents
Languages: EnglishPublished
Manufacturer: Cole Hart Presents
Publication Date: June 30, 2018
Publisher: Cole Hart Presents
Release Date: June 30, 2018
Studio: Cole Hart Presents

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
What does it take for a woman to get the man of her dreams? How many times does a woman have to be hurt or how bad does she has to be hurt until she finds real love? Kianna Baylor, 23-year-old college senior, was the victim of a bad relationship that left her with physical scars on her body. Her beauty, along with her intelligence, never went unnoticed but her insecurities brought her love life to a standstill for a few years. Kianna didn’t believe that she would ever find true love. At least not from a man that could have anything and any women he wanted. She didn’t think she was the right type for any man on that level. That was until she met one of the youngest bosses in Philly, and his name was Kruz Jackson.
Kruz Jackson, 26-year-old entrepreneur and kingpin, was living his best life and enjoying all the perks that came with being young, rich, and handsome. Being in a relationship was out of the question for Kruz. When it came to females, he was the love them and leave them type. After his parents divorced, he had issues with trusting women and didn’t want to go through the drama that love had to offer but, when he saw a picture of Kianna on Instagram, his feelings towards relationships suddenly changed, but Kruz wasn’t sure if he could handle it.
As Kianna and Kruz deal with their personal issues, they both try to handle their relationship the best way they see fit but, when Kianna’s scars are discovered and Kruz must face the woman that is the cause of his trust issues with women, he doesn’t know which road to take. Should he stay and face his problems or is his past, along with Kianna’s, too much for him to handle? Find out in the Novella Fallin’ For a Philly Boss.

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