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Homemade Stand Mixer Ice Cream Recipes Infused with Booze: Fun, Flavorful Easy to Make Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato and Milkshakes for Any ... Ice Cream Maker (Boozy Ice Cream Book 1)


by: Leano Rios

 : Homemade Stand Mixer Ice Cream Recipes Infused with Booze: Fun, Flavorful Easy to Make Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato and Milkshakes for Any ... Ice Cream Maker (Boozy Ice Cream Book 1)

Binding: Kindle Edition
Edition: 1
Format: Kindle eBook
Languages: EnglishPublished
Number Of Pages: 124
Publication Date: June 14, 2018
Release Date: June 14, 2018

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Early Summer Discount Pricing Limited Time Only!

Ice Cream Infused with Booze!

Fun, delicious and refreshing for any day of the week! Try on some of these delicious and tasty desserts for your friends and family to share. Anything goes when mixing a little liquor in your ice cream. The fact of the matter is that adding liquor to your ice cream actually enhances the flavor. Who would have ever known that! That’s why there are many places that are adding this flavorful treat to their menu’s as well.

We have put together for you some of the most creative recipes that you can make with ice cream and paired the liquors that taste best with them. It doesn’t stop there. After you dig into some of these creative recipes to see what you like best, I’m sure that you will come up with some of your own. We made a section in the back of the book for you to log some of your new inventions.

Make sure you stick to the recipes and keep in mind that adding more alcohol you put into the ice cream than it calls for, them your ice cream may not freeze properly and you may have a mess. So, at first, till you get the hang of the measurements, stick to the book. We want you to enjoy the experience!


Classics Cocktail Frozen Desserts
• Irish Cream Amaretto Soft-Serve Ice Cream
• Orange Vodka Chocolate Chip Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Perfect Pistachio Vodka Martini Ice Cream
• Smokey Dark Chocolate Tequila Gelato
• Vodka Amaretto Pralines And Cream Milkshake
• Double Mint Schnapps Cookies ‘N Cream Milkshake

Boozed Fruit Fusion
• Oh So Blueberry Vodka Maple Syrup Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Awesome Apricot Amaretto Almond Ice Cream
• Boozy Blueberry Gin Chocolate Gelato
• Pomegranate Rum Mint Frozen Yogurt
• Strawberry Honey Whisky Frozen Yogurt
• Very Cherry Chocolate Chip Vodka Milkshake
• Infused Guava Tequila Milkshake
• Key Lime Rum Sorbet
• Cherry Kiss Brandy Sorbet

Something Different
• Chocolate Peanut Butter Whisky Soft Serve Ice cream
• Vodka Snickers Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Matcha Gin Ice Cream
• Kitty Kat Bourbon Ice Cream
• White Chocolate Rose Frozen Gin Yogurt
• Maple Bacon Bourbon Milkshake
• Clementine Vodka Sorbet
• Maple Mango Chili Lime Tequila Sorbet

The Vegan Station
• Vegan Soy Coconut Vanilla Rum Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Vegan Chocolate Amaretto Almond Ice cream
• Vegan Strawberries-N-Irish Cream Ice Cream
• Vegan Soy Vanilla And Carob Chip Vodka lato
• Vegan Blackberry Soy Frozen Gin Yogurt
• Vegan Raspberry Coconut Rum Frozen Yogurt
• Vegan Chocolate Liqueur Mint Milkshake

Fun Zone
• Whiskey and Coca Cola Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Double Bubble Gum Cotton Candy Vodka Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Caramel Corn Tequila Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Sour Patch Tequila Margarita Ice Cream
• Cotton Candy Vodka Milkshake
• Gin And Tonic Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Margarita Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Kahlua Almond Delight Ice Cream
• Tequila Sunrise Gelato
• Piña Colada Frozen Yogurt
• Guinness Chocolate Milkshake
• Cucumber Basil Rum Sorbet

Ice cream was made to be fun, that’s why re recommend getting your friends and significant other to share this wonderful and fun experience with you. You'll be surprised how much fun this can be.

Last, please be responsible when consuming any alcoholic beverage, just like you would if you were to have a drink at home. Hope you have fun and love what we have put together for you in this book!


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