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The New Money Girls


by: Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

 : The New Money Girls

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Languages: EnglishPublished
Number Of Pages: 278
Publication Date: November 15, 2017
Release Date: November 15, 2017

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Product Description:

Two sugar babies, an escort, and an event planner meet for brunch every Sunday and agree there are so many things-like money-that are more important than love. But love is an insidious thing even they can’t run away from…

O’Shea has been with her sugar daddy for two years. She is not with him for money, although she gets paid plenty of it running his restaurant. No, she is with him for power, for the connections that will take her career as a painter and writer to the next level. But O’Shea is tired and there is a stranger telling her that she can have everything she wants if she lets go of that man and the life she’s worked so hard to build.

Delia is an aspiring stylist- and an escort. For once in her life she feels like all of her dreams, in both areas of her life, are coming true. But then the two worlds she’s tried so hard to keep apart collide and she has to decide if she’s strong enough to turn her dreams into reality.

Zion is a sugar baby and she’s happy about it. Sure, she’s  twenty-nine and has never had a boyfriend but she’s got a closet full of designer clothes in a condo her sugar daddy bought her. Then an Asian man with an Irish name comes into her life and she finds herself questioning everything she ever thought she needed.

Nadia isn’t even sure why she’s at brunch. She’s not a sugar baby or an escort; she’s an event planner who just wants to take her business to the next level. Then she meets Mr and Mrs, the most affluent and powerful couple in the city. They want her and they’re willing to pay for the privilege. Nadia realizes that she’s going to need women like O’Shea, Delia, and Zion in her life if she’s going to take the wildest gamble of her life.

Read The New Money Girls an erotic novel about four women that begin the next chapter of their lives as friends but become sisters.

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