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Thot Next Door


by: N'Dia Rae

 : Thot Next Door

Binding: Kindle Edition
Format: Kindle eBook
Languages: EnglishPublished
Number Of Pages: 181
Publication Date: November 06, 2017
Release Date: November 06, 2017

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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
Every town has a neighborhood thot. But what if she moves in next door to you? What if she tries to take your man from you? What if you two share a dangerous secret that no one else knows…

Meet Lyrica the finesser and bartender from Richmond VA, working her way up and down the East Coast looking for a come up. She ran away from her parents at the tender age of 16 never to look back. Now that she has been on her own, she has made a living by stealing and sleeping around. She is heartless and cold and has no love for anyone but herself.

One night she betrays her best friend Yasmina and takes off to a new city, DC. She moves next door to a couple but she decides that she no longer wants them to be together. She wants to replace the girlfriend.

Soleil Marshall had a horrible childhood. Her mother accused Soleil of sleeping with her husband which Soleil denied. Then one night Soleil’s mother decides to kill both Soleil and the husband. Her mom goes to prison away for this horrendous act, leaving Soleil to be raised by her aunt.

Life became hard for the young beauty but eventually she prevailed and became one of the country’s best tattoo artist! She eventually meets the man of her dreams, Saint Knowles. They fall in love and intend to get married.

That is until Lyrica moves next door to them. Lyrica calculates on how to get Saint to herself but Soleil isn’t going down without a fight.

Can Soleil and Saint’s relationship survive the crazy nasty thot next door?

Find out in this insane drama. You are not ready for the crazy twists and turns this story takes. The stakes are high and everyone is holding a dark secret.

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